JoJo releases first single from first album in 10 years, due October 14th

It started in 2004: at 13 years-old, JoJo became the youngest solo artist to have a number one hit in the U.S. when "Leave (Get Out) gave millennial teens everywhere their own "You Oughta Know." In 2006, she almost did it again when "Too Little Too Late", the first single from her second album The High Road, bowed out at number three. Label woes lead to a music drought, save for a few one off singles and free mixtapes. After finally freeing herself from her contractual chains, JoJo released a "Tringle" of three songs last August. 

This October, it will have been 10 years JoJo released The High Road. Via the best way to announce an album I can remember, JoJo revealed today that her third studio album will be out October 14th, 2016. It's called Mad Love, and will be preceded by first single "F*ck Apologies" featuring Whiz Khalifa. 

While the three songs from the tringle ranged in sound, from 90s dance to epic balladry, they were a departure from the R&B-flavored pop from her first two albums. For "F*ck Apologies", JoJo digs back into her R&B roots to deliver a relaxed but assured sound. Wiz Khalifa offers an assist that adds some additional flavor. It's a mature and marks a definitive new chapter in an incredible artist's career. 

Listen to "F*ck Apologies" via Spotify below. Buy it on iTunes now