Ariana Grande brings out the big guns for Max Martin-produced "Into You"

Since announcing her third album, Ariana Grande hasn't been able to contain her millennialness. She can't resist teasing bits of her new music to an audience who hangs on her every tweet. That's why sometimes, it feels like we've been waiting years for her new album Dangerous Woman to be released.

In two weeks, we'll have it in our hands. In addition to the first single/title track, Ariana previewed the album with the breezy, summer vibed "Be Alright" and the Lil' Wayne-assisted, sparse and sensual "Let Me Love You." If those songs didn't convince you, the newest released track "Into You" will drag you bopping and screaming.

This four minute monster takes you for a ride. A smokey dancefloor with strobes invites you in, as Ariana coos Britney Spears-"Breathe On Me"-style over a thick beat. More bumps roll in as Ariana glides over angelic harmonies. Suddenly a ridiculously perfect chorus cuts through with the line "a little less conversation and a little more touch my body" that will surely be the tagline of every other dude on Grindr. Praise be to Max Martin who brought that melodic Swedish mastery that's most evident in the bridge, where Ariana channels the underrated, pulsating Christina Aguilera single "Your Body"  that erupts with a finale of targeted ad-libs and triumph. 

Listen below