Kylie Minogue promises "sparkling melancholy" on upcoming new album

While we're all busy stuffing our stockings and decorating the tree to the Snow Queen reissue of her fantastic Christmas album Kylie Christmas, Kylie Minogue is looking ahead to 2017. In an interview with The Standard, Kylie told us what we could expect from her highly-anticipated 13th album, set for release next year. 

"The last couple of years I’ve been doing lots of bits and pieces," said Kylie. "I’m looking forward to a solidified 2017. I’ve done a lot of random gigs, that’s the one thing that’s kept me busy. So I just want to make good music, music that people can have as part of their life. If I can just stick with that, that’s a good place."

Kylie's last outing was the American-aimed Kiss Me Once. While the record had serviceable singles completely in line with Kylie's brand of emotipop, the album felt like a deliberate attempt to break into the American music, again. For the new album, the Australian artist 

"Instead of thinking ‘how does the music industry work and how do I fit into it?’ I just want to do what I do. What’s worked well for me in the past is pop dance, obviously, melodies, emotional themes."

Kylie described her signature sound in a way that promises more songs in the vein of classics like "Love at First Sight" and "I Believe In You."

"I think most people think of my songs as joyful. But it doesn’t have to be just about joy — it can be sparkling melancholy — I don’t think I’ve ever used those words together before, I’m going to use it! And a slice of the unexpected, which we did with something like [2003 hit] Slow.