LISTEN: Mariah Carey goes to "Infinity" and beyond on new single

For her upcoming Vegas residency, which begins May 6th, Mariah Carey will center the show around her 18 number one hits. She's only two songs behind The Beatles' record for 20 number ones on the Billboard chart. 

In addition, she'll celebrate the residency by reissuing her #1's album, released in 1998, as a set called #1's to Infinity. The new edition will include the additional hits she's had since 98, as well as a new song appropriately titled "Infinity." 

"Infinity" is a mid-tempo, lush R&B song that's not unlike some of her biggest hits. Sonically, it's very much inline with her last few albums: hip-hop flourishes, cheeky lyrics, and a money note that's not perfect, but reminds us who we're listening to. 

Listen below, and buy it on iTunes now.