Bonnie McKee to release "visual EP" in June

Although she's had a series of false starts, things seem to be getting back on track for pop's songwriting MVP. Bonnie McKee is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the few years, including "Teenage Dream", "Dynamite", and "Hold It Agains Me." She attempted to relaunch herself as a solo artist last year, but unfortunately the songs didn't connect with the public at large.

(Once again, the general population not appreciating good pop)

Thankfully, Bonnie isn't giving up and will independently release an EP this June. Every song on the set will be accompanied by a music video. "American Girl" and "Sleepwalker" already have visuals, and knowing Bonnie's tendency to favor vibrant colors and camp, there's no doubt the other songs will receive similar treatments. The six songs rumored for the EP are:

  1. American Girl
  2. Sleepwalker
  3. S.L.A.Y. 
  4. The Hunger 
  5. What’s It Gonna Take 
  6. Wasted Youth 

Watch "American Girl" and "Sleepwalker" below, as well as Bonnie performing a medley of the pop hits she's helmed.