Why Brandon Flowers' new solo single "Can't Deny My Love" is a pop moment

Guest contributor Jason Enany explains why the new Brandon Flowers single is the type of song that doesn't happen often. 

"Can't Deny My Love" by Brandon Flowers is such a massive pop moment. They don't come along often; the last one was "Chandelier" by Sia. These are songs that perfectly encapsulate everything that makes pop so meaningful and transcendent. Songs that become artifacts of our time. Think "Bad Romance," "We Found Love," "...Baby One More Time," 'Vogue" as well as countless others. This is why "Can't Deny My Love" is so great:

1. It's a slow build. The first verse starts sparsely. A greek chorus of female backing vocalists enters midway through. There is a tension in the percussion and bassline. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?
2. It's leaves you wanting more. That Haim-esque pre-chorus? It only happens once. And it doesn't feel like nearly enough.
3. It's Meta. "I know that you've been living in the past." This song is full of reference points. Expose-style 80's backing beats, the "Running Up That Hill"-era Kate Bush meets "Edge of Seventeen" propulsiveness of the chorus, the aforementioned Haim/Fleetwood Mac harmonies, and nods to the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure.
4. THE CHORUS. It hits hard and heavy. The pre-chorus ends with a massive freestyle slamming synth beat and BAM. It explodes. It is, pun intended, undeniable. That the instrumental eases up into something that would have lived on a Expose, Taylor Dayne, or Debbie Gibson record as the chorus winds down, only adds to the brilliance. 
5. The lyrics are equal parts heartbreaking and ridiculous, as the best pop lyrics are. Like how Gaga paired "walk walk fashion baby" with the devastating "I don't want to be friends." Well, here Brandon is trying to find his own way, but then upon daring us to deny his love, he ridiculously, inexplicably, provides us our only alternatives "to run to the hillside" and "to close your eyes." Well, okay. If those our our choices. Also, clever Kate reference there, B!
6. It has MOMENTS. You know when a pop song has that part you cant wait for, that makes the whole song even better? This has a few. Obviously the rush of the first chorus is one. But even better is what happens at 2:45 minutes in. The middle eight just breaks down and you think, well that's that. And then it's not. Its not even remotely close to being done slaying you.
7. It has a dance break down. Remember when songs had dance break downs? Well this one does. And it's glorious.

Experience the song for yourself below.