Allie X teases upcoming CollXtion I EP with more Xamples.

It's insane that the video for Allie X's infectious "Catch" has less than 130k views, but that's the reality. Still, for an independent pop artist, she's making waves in various corners of the Internet. Mainstream publications like Billboard, and indie-leaning outlets like Pitchfork have both dedicated wordspace to the Toronto native's darker brand of pop. 

With her debut EP arriving next month, called CollXtion I, Allie X continues to tease the set with Xamples/snippets of each song. The latest two reveal an artist who's not only fiercely creative, but also one who constructs sky-scarping melodies with beauty and ease. 

The newest clip is of "Good", which marks the first song of the set to have a more downtempo feel while maintaining the accessibility of the other tunes. 

The previously released snippet, "Sanctuary", is Allie's take on a power ballad. That chorus. Hear it to believe it.