Natalie Imbruglia releasing Daft Punk cover of "Instant Crush" + new covers album Male


While the world knows her for the inescapable and still amazing "Torn", those lucky enough to be familiar with Natalie Imbruglia's discography know she has a fantastic collection of singer-songwriter pop that deserves to be heard. While "Torn" and it's parent album Left of the Middle remain timeless, Natalie shines brightest on the follow-up, White Lilies Island. The stark, poetic songs show Natalie as an artistic force worthy of more than the one-hit wonder status she's unfairly received in the US especially. Further songs from her subsequent albums Counting Down The Days and Come To Life reinforce this.

Thankfully, Natalie's wired to make music and we'll soon hear her first single in six years. For her upcoming album Male, expected in July, Natalie reimagines songs originally done by men. While the concept has been done before by Tori Amos, expect Natalie to offer unique and potentially pop-leaning versions of songs from Damien Rice, Cat Stevens, Tom Petty, and more. The set is produced by Billy Mann, who's also worked with P!nk, Sting, Celine Dion, and John Legend among others.

Our first taste of new music will be Natalie's take on the Daft Punk song "Instant Crush." Expected to hit radio this week and officially released April 24th, Natalie had this to say about her version:  

On the original version, you can’t really hear what the song is about because of the effect that Julian’s voice has, which I love, by the way. However, it is such a beautiful story that I want people to hear it and connect with the words. I’m really proud of the way it turned out.

A worldwide tour is expected later in 2015.