LISTEN: Marina and the Diamonds' newest froot, "I'm a Ruin"

We've heard three songs from Marina and the Diamonds' upcoming third album Froot.  So far, Marina's danced with psychedelia, faced mortality, and reconciled with personal happiness. Already, Froot is shaping up to be an eclectic, thought-provoking record. 

The latest song to be plucked is "I'm a Ruin," which is also serving as the album's proper first single. Marina sings about her self-destructive nature in a relationship and how that ultimately leads to its demise. Sonically, it's a far cry from the dance pop of "Primadonna," but the song still rumbles and builds to a satisfying chorus.  

I’ll ruin, yeah I’ll ruin you
I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t do

Listen below. Froot is out April 6th in the US: