Kylie Ketchup: What's next for Miss Minogue?

Kylie Minogue had a busy 2014. She released a new album, toured all over (minus the US, sadface), released an EP, and even made movies with The Rock

Luckily for fans, 2015 may be just as busy for Kylie. In the next few months alone, Kylie will be releasing new music and visuals. 

  1. "Right Here, Right Now," her collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. Video out soon!
  2. The Kiss Me Once Tour released on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray March 6th.
  3. Headlining Hyde Park, a British music festival, with Grace Jones and Nile Rodgers.
  4. A second EP with Fernando Garibay, which Giorgio Moroder described as "Italian" and "sexy."

Lovers, rejoice.