Kylie Minogue releases free 4 track EP

As we speak, Kylie Minogue is performing the first night of her Kiss Me Once tour in Liverpool. It was reported that a video called "Sleepwalker" was played as an interlude, and contained four new songs. 

Those four songs are now available to stream. 

Yes, that's right - Kylie Minogue just released four free new songs. No word on the full credits, but given that her Soundcloud says the songs are "Kylie + Garibay," it's safe to say they're all collaborations with Mexican producer Fernando Garibay. You may know him from his work with Lady Gaga; Garibay is behind most of the songs from Gaga's Born This Way album, like "Edge of Glory" and "Marry The Night." 

The songs have a darker, ethereal sound. They still have dance elements, but they're remarkably sparse compared to Kylie's most recent album, Kiss Me Once.

Listen to the Kylie + Garibay EP via Kylie's Soundcloud below