Nadine Coyle working on solo album of unreleased Girls Aloud songs

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For a new interview with Attitude magazine, former Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle said she's working on new material with the band's primary producer Brian Higgins.

“For each album we recorded about 100 songs, easily. And Brian has an amazing way of pulling different stuff from different eras and different albums and putting things together from different tracks – you record to a bare piece of music and then Brian thickens it up – so you never know what on earth he will have done with your studio time. So yeah, I would love to have something like that.”
— Nadine Coyle to Attitude

Girls Aloud called it quits in 2013, after being active in the UK pop scene since 2002. They're responsible for 20 consecutive top ten hits, all produced by Higgins.