TS5 is coming: 5 things we want (and need) from Taylor Swift's 5th album

After some teasing on Twitter, America's most divisive pop country star will make an announcement of some kind on Monday, August 18th via a Yahoo! Livestream. Here's the promo poster:

 I mean, come on. She looks amazing.

I mean, come on. She looks amazing.

The name 'Taylor Swift' ignites a fury of emotions across all demographics and music fans. Whether you think she's whiny or a feminist, fake or authentic, talentless or masterful, you can neither escape nor deny Taylor Swift and her influence on our pop culture consciousness. 

Personally, I'm of the opinion that it's possible to forget about any annoying personality traits you feel Taylor Swift possesses and instead focus on how damn good Taylor Swift is at making pop songs.

With her self-titled, debut album, it was clear she was a cut above the rest of her mainstream counterparts. However, with each album, Swift grows exponentially as a songwriter and vocalist. even if she's not particularly amazing at either. Looking at her most recent effort, the eclectic Red, her evolution has never been more obvious. Forget what you think you know about Taylor Swift and her music; she can release something quintessentially (or if you're of the opposite opinion, stereotypically) Taylor Swift like "22," but it sits on the same album as "All Too Well," a nearly 6 minute epic that chronicles the beginning and end of a relationship with vivid recollection and palpable heartbreak. 

So what should we expect for next Monday's announcement? Most likely, we'll get new album information. This could be the name of the album and its single, perhaps a release date, perhaps the single itself. Or, could Taylor Swift be the long-rumored artist next up to pull a Beyoncè and chuck it all out at once? With over 25 million albums sold worldwide, she has the power to do it, and do it well. 

Here are five things the fifth Taylor Swift album needs to have:

  1. Bigger pop songs No one expected "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." The Max Martin-produced hit was obviously more pop than Taylor had ever been, but it worked so well with her melodic sense and songwriting. 
  2. Bigger country songs At her core, Taylor will always be a country star. Although she's dipped into country cliches plenty of times, she also has a knack for using the genre's tradition rooted in storytelling to craft personal yet relatable songs. 
  3. More storytelling Speaking of storytelling, Taylor is damn good at it. More of the same, but maybe even more raw. 
  4. Some Experimentation Ever hear the CSI remix of her song "You're Not Sorry"? She's never included anything like it on her actual records, but it's a nice dip into a darker, electronic sound. Furthermore, her Civil Wars collaboration from the Hunger Games soundtrack shows how Taylor can strip away the gloss of her songs in favor of beautiful spa
  5. No features I know it's tempting to follow the trend of featuring three or more artists on your songs, but Taylor - no rap features. I'm begging you. Not even Kanye.