Grimes returns with Rihanna reject "Go"

It's been over two years since Grimes ignited the indie pop scene with her dark dance album Visions. It spawned stunning visuals and made her one of the most uttered new names in music. 


Since then, she's been hard at work on the follow-up. Our first taste new music comes in the form of "Go," another collaboration with Blood Diamonds. The song was actually intended for Rihanna, but RiRi turned it down for her Unapologetic album. All the better for us, though; Grimes' take on the song features a Fleetwood Mac melody over throbbing trap. It's, pardon the easy word, grimey but has a distinct beauty, too. 

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not this will make the new album, but it's nice to have regardless.  

Listen below, and snag a free download here