Music video mania! BANKS, Tori Amos, Ella Eyre, Broods, and Ariana Grande

Music videos remain vital to a song's success. Whether it be a lyric video or a 13 minute mini film, artists still rely on a visual component to their music in order to promote songs. Not to mention, streaming services like YouTube count toward chart placement; that means a video is just another avenue to increase chart positions. 

Rather than a bunch of individual posts for these videos, I'm throwing together this list of videos worth your view.

Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea - Problem

One of the year's biggest songs now has this retro video. It recalls early Britney, but nowhere near as interesting. 

Broods - Bridges (US version)

Basically an Urban Outfitters ad with pretty people. I like the International version better. 

Tori Amos - Trouble's Lament

Tori gives us her best video since the one she did with Adrian Brody. She looks radiant and this feels like it has a higher production album than anything since 2002. 

BANKS - Drowning

Basically, BANKS has yet to release anything subpar. Stunning video, stunning girl, stunning song. 

Ella Eyre - If I Go

A simple, but visually striking video from this British newcomer. Fantastic song, too.