Cheryl Cole returns with "Crazy Stupid Love." Here's my 10-play review

 Cheryl serving allllllll the clavicle. 

Cheryl serving allllllll the clavicle. 

New thing: Play a song 10 times in a row to form an opinion. While some songs are instant, some definitely require more than a few listens to appreciate them.

Or, sometimes, they're just shit.

This 10-play is of the new Cheryl Cole single "Crazy Stupid Love." The former Girls Aloud star is by far the most successful member of the group, with her previous solo efforts yielding mixed results. 

How does "Crazy Stupid Love" stack up to songs like "Promise This," "Fight For This Love," and "Call My Name?"

  • Play 1: Very current sounding. Dig the sax, which immediately makes me think of the new Ariana Grande single. Tinie Tempah's rap is meh. 
  • Play 2: The 'La La La Lo's are trying to be catchy, not sure if they are. I've missed her voice. This rap... 
  • Play 3: I'm noticing the audio quality on this YouTube version sounds a little muffled. Plus, I'm using shitty Apple earbuds. I can imagine the drums being more prominent on decent speakers. 
  • Play 4: Her adlibs during the last chorus are pretty fantastic. "Crazy Stupid Love" is also the latest in a string of chorus-less pop songs. It could get old. Maybe it is?
  • Play 5: This is a new sound for Cheryl, and I appreciate that she's keeping it fresh and progressive. Not sure about ending with the sax. 
  • Play 6: You'll be happy to note I had to take a restroom break after Play 6 and the sax bit was in my head. Bravo, Cheryl. 
  • Play 7: The lyrics are finally standing out. They're solid! Specifically love "So call me baby in front of your friends / it used to shake me, but would you say it again?"
  • Play 8: I think this is play 8? The line about the roller coaster confuses me. Isn't the best part of riding a roller coaster the big drop? 
  • Play 9: Reaffirmed that the ending with her adlibs is the best bit of the song. It's a nice climax, although I think it could be a little bigger. The video's going to have her doing some kind of jazzy, scat-themed thing, huh?
  • Play 10: Looking forward to playing something else, to be honest, but from my first few listens, it's grown on me. I don't like it as much as her previous lead singles, but who knows what a few live performances will do for it. Just glad we have some new Cheryl for the summer.

It does help to have someone you're crazy about while you listen to this song, by the way.