FIRST PRESS: Sail away with White Sea

Those familiar with the shimmery indie pop of M83 may recognize the voice behind White Sea. Morgan Kirby unleashed her storming voice on the music of M83, and also incorporated her flair for the dramatic on remixes for Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

However, after releasing a few songs ahead of her solo debut In Cold Blood, out May 20th, it's clear Morgan makes the biggest waves when she's sailing on her own. 

One listen to the dramatic and sweeping "They Don't Know" recalls the bombastic nature of acts like Florence + The Machine. It feels like a grandiose closer to a romantic period piece, but has just enough bite to make it suitable for an indie movie. 

Today, White Sea premiered another track off of their upcoming debut. With "Future Husbands Past Lives," the sound is 80s meets disco in a pop number that truly sparkles. Much like the group's name, strings and brass crash like waves against Morgan's operatics until they eventually explode in a hurricane of sound.