Tori Amos covers Madonna's "Frozen" at Amsterdam show

Back in 1998, when Madonna surprised the pop world by releasing a downtempo electronic affair she called "Frozen," Tori Amos remarked to Rolling Stone that she loved the track.

The spell is broken when Madonna’s Frozen comes on the radio. “I love this song!” Amos squeals. “It makes me want to...” Amos trills an operatic version of Madonna’s spiritual opus, then clamps a hand over her mouth as Saturday-afternoon shoppers turn their heads her way.
— Tori Amos; Rolling Stone Magazine, Jun 25, 1998

Now, Tori rekindles her love for the song with a gorgeous piano-based cover of the tune. If you're a fan of these artists, you can probably imagine how beautiful this is before you even hit play. Once you do, you'll be gobsmacked. Watch below.