The mysterious Poe performs first live show in years + debuts new songs

During my college writing seminar, my instructor created a lesson about extracting meaning from song lyrics. Her example text was a record called Haunted by Poe. While the rest of the class had never heard of Poe or the record, I couldn't contain my excitement over this masterpiece being used in an academic setting. 

Haunted, a sonic companion to her brother Mark Z. Danielewski's acclaimed novel House of Leaves, expounded upon the complicated relationship between Poe and her father, author Tad Danielewski. The 18-track epic jumped around in terms of genres and filtered Poe's feelings of resentment, anger, and elation through electronic beats, big pop hooks, and actual recordings of Poe's father. 

That was in 2000. Even Kate Bush has been more prolific. 

It's been 14 years since Poe released new music. Although she was featured on a couple of tracks with Delirium, she hasn't put out a solo record since releasing Haunted due to a confining record deal that basically resulted in her music being owned by everyone other than herself. 

Last night, Poe performed a low-key gig at a Hollywood's The Sayers Club. During her short set, she debuted two new songs, her first since Y2K. The set was as follows:

  1. Trigger intro
  2. Trigger Happy Jack
  3. Dolphin
  4. Fingertips
  5. The Ride
  6. Hey Pretty
  7. Angry Johnny
  8. Spanish Doll
  9. The Other Side

Watch "The Other Side" and "The Ride" below. Hopefully this a sign of Poe finding her freedom, and perhaps we'll be rewarded with a full album of new material.