Betty Who's Slow Dancing EP is a perfect 5 song punch

  Betty Who photographed at Billboard Studios in New York on March 5, 2014.    Joel Barhamand

Betty Who photographed at Billboard Studios in New York on March 5, 2014.

Joel Barhamand

As if Betty Who couldn't wow us more, she goes and releases a tight, streamlined EP perfectly encapsulating her identity as a grassroots popstar. Slow Dancing is her first major label offering via RCA, but don't let that scare you into thinking she's changed her sound. Everything still sounds as polished, sophisticated, and joyful as ever. 

 Slow Dancing EP cover

Slow Dancing EP cover

Lead off "Heartbreak Dream" picks up where the infectious, viral hit "Somebody Loves You" (also the current iTunes Free Single of the Week) left off; its chorus smashes you against a wall. Beat drops and sadcore lyrics juxtapose perfectly against the 80s teen prom production. 

"Alone Again" continues the 80s sound and acts as the hopelessly romantic sister of "You're In Love" from her previous EP, The Movement. It's a sparkly smooth jam with just the right amount of sugar and desperation. 

Then comes "Giving Me Away," which would absolutely smash in the hands of Katy Perry or Kelly Clarkson. Unfortunately for them, Betty completely owns the song and delivers the anthemic chorus with ease. When you listen to this song along with "Heartbreak Dream" and "Somebody Loves You," it feels like the last chapter of a trilogy. More so, it reinforces a sound that's immediately recognizable as Betty Who-branded pop

On "Lovin' Star," a song Betty calls her Phil Collins moment, Betty glides over an R&B groove complete with smokey synths and handclaps. It's a subtle yet effective shift in sound that she could easily explore more on a full-length album. 

Then...there's "Silas." The closing song on Slow Dancing is Betty's most stripped affair to date, featuring her exerting supreme control of her usually booming voice over a reverberated guitar. Clocking in at almost 5 minutes, Betty allows the song to breathe and flow where it needs to. If anyone had any doubts over why Betty Who is poised to soar, they need only to listen to this song. 

Slow Dancing is available now