Imogen Heap's unveils musical gloves in "Me The Machine"

Imogen Heap strives to present her art in the most innovative ways possible. It's hard for most to remember but during the release of her 2005 solo debut Speak For Yourself, Imogen was one of the first artists to leverage social media, including Twitter and iTunes. Since then, between recording her sophomore album Ellipse in her childhood home transformed into an instrument in itself, and her recent Heapsongs endeavor, Imogen is ready to release her third album titled Sparks

While we await a concrete release date for the project, Imogen gave us a glimpse into why her package of music and tech set a standard in modern music. Using musical gloves she invented called Mi.Mu, Imogen creates music and art with a wave of her hand. You really just have to see it to believe it.

Watch the video for "Me The Machine" below.