Britney Spears & Sia take the wheel in "Passenger" remix

Britney Spears fans know all too well that fans have a better idea of Brit's strengths than her label. The singer's disappointing Britney Jean album features Britney buried under backing vocalists, session singers, and dated production. 

Thankfully, fans got a hold of the isolated tracks from the album, and that's why we have this gem: This remix of "Passenger," a Katy Perry and Sia-penned tune, features Britney taking the verses and Sia taking the chorus. Gone are all traces of Myah Marie, the infamous singer who is audible across the entire Britney Jean album, and we even get to hear some new vocals not heard in the final cut. Britney sounds competent, and Sia delivers the anthemic chorus with the punch it deserves. Nick and Country Club Martini Crew deliver the song the way it should have sounded. 

Listen below: