For the love of Lydia Loveless: country punk and Kesha

There's nothing like hearing a voice that bowls you over with just a few words. When Lydia Loveless sings, you'll hear echoes of whiskey-fueled desperation, crunchy gravel roads, and smokey bar fights. Although she has the booming timber of Neko Case and the storytelling drawl of Lucinda Williams, Lydia Loveless is a young talent completely within her own element; she's feisty and fearless one moment, then rips open her chest for songs with palpable candidness and vulnerability the next. 

Her sophomore album is the recently released Somewhere Else. With an obvious country-leaning sound, it's the punk rock sheen that takes the record to incredible heights. You'll no doubt see it atop some 2014 year-end lists. 

For her next trick, Lydia will release an exclusive 7" for Record Store Day 2014. The A-side is "Mile High," a song that didn't make the new album. The B-side is a cover of a lesser-known Kesha classic called "Blind," off of her debut. Anyone who takes Kesha seriously knows her songwriting chops are top notch, even on clever party anthems. But it's when she slows things down a little that things get interesting. Lydia recognized the straightforwardness of the song underneath the thick production and reworked it into a western lament. 

Listen to her take below, and buy the limited lime green 7" on Record Store Day, April 19th 2014.