Sia saves the best for herself with "Chandelier"

Basically, the pop scene is a big city and Sia runs everything. She's responsible for some of the biggest and best songs from the last couple of years, and everyone thirsts for a Sia-penned track for their album. 

However, those who've been following the Australian artist for the last decade or so know that the real magic happens on Sia solo albums. Her best is up for debate (not really, it's totally Some People Have Real Problems), but if lead single "Chandelier" is any indication, her upcoming album slated for June could trump them all. 

Writing for major pop stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry have certainly rubbed off on Sia. While that could be to her detriment, it absolutely works in her favor for this song. Her phrasing makes the verses easy to sing along with, and also makes the "123 123 drink" refrain a certified ear worm.

Then...the chorus. I'll never stop loving enormous choruses that fling you to the sky and back. The chorus on "Chandelier" may be one of the most "epic," as much as I hate using that word, I've heard all year. It's probably the biggest chorus Sia has written, including for herself and others. Overall, the lyrics are triumphant but negatively highlights the excess, making this more than your average Rah! Rah! party song

Listen to the song below, with headphones. It's also on iTunes.