FIRST PRESS: Ronika leaves you "Shell Shocked" with a bubblegum explosion

When PopJustice features a "BIG SONG," I always give it a listen. Most of the time, they're right on. Sometimes, they're so right it hurts. 

A minute into Ronika's "Shell Shocked" found me instantly in love. If an undeniable 80s beat with lush harmonies wasn't enough, Ronika has the songwriting chops to elevate her music from run-of-the-mill to sophisticated electropop. By the time the chorus hits, you'll be surely be singing along. Furthermore, with a duration of 4:47, Ronika gives the song room to stretch for maximum dance floor sweating.

Fans of Annie, Kylie Minogue, and Hot Chip should lend an ear. 

Listen to "Shell Shocked" below. If you like it, her Soundcloud page has a wealth of material to entertain you until her debut album Selectadisc arrives in June