Clean Bandit unveils New Eyes tracklist / cover


While their brilliant hit "Rather Be" enjoys another week at number 1, Clean Bandit released the title, tracklist, and cover art for their debut album New Eyes, which will hit record shops, streaming services, and digital retailers on May 12th in the UK.

'Tis here:

1. 'Mozart's House'
2. 'Extraordinary' (feat Sharna Bass)
3. 'Dust Clears'
4. 'Rather Be' (feat Jess Glynne)
5. 'A&E'
6. 'Come Over' (feat Stylo G)
7. 'Cologne' (Feat Nikki Cislyn and Javeon)
8. 'Telephone Banking' (Feat Love Ssega)
9. 'Up Again' (feat Rae Morris)
10. 'Heart On Fire' (feat Elisabeth Troy) 
11. 'New Eyes' (feat Lizzo)
12. 'Birch' (Feat Eliza Shaddad)
13. 'Outro Movement III'

iTunes Deluxe:
13. 'Rihanna' (feat Noonie Bao)
14. 'UK Shanty'
15. 'Nightingale'
16. 'Nightingale (Gorgon City Remix)'
17. 'Rather Be (Magician Remix)'
18. 'Mozart's House' Video
19. 'Telephone Banking' Video
20. 'UK Shanty' Video
21. 'A&E' Video
22. 'Nightingale' Video
23. 'Dust Clears' Video
24. 'Rather Be' Video

It's up for pre-order on iTunes in the UK, so I suspect a US date soon after.