Your Robyn Report for February 4th, 2014

Do you feel that? No, it's not that bad sushi you ate earlier. It's Sweden's reigning Queen of Pop, Robyn. She's coming back, folks. 

Three - that's right, 3 - separate news items happened today relating to the Fembot's return. 


Item 1: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis tweet a photo of Robyn in their studio. For those of you who know who these men are, HOLD ME. For those who don't, think about all of Janet Jackson's best songs: "Miss You Much", "Escapade", "Together Again", "All For You"...the list goes on. Now, think of Robyn singing them. DO YOU GET WHY THIS IS HUGE? Ok, good.

Item 2: More dates added to the R√∂yksopp and Robyn Do It Again joint tour, including a US date at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday June 29th. While this inconveniently falls on Pride weekend in San Francisco, it gives me hope for more dates. Don't let me down, Robyn. I started a Yahoo! Group for you called Return of Robyn in 2001. It still lives!


Item 3: The duet Robyn recorded with her idol Neneh Cherry now has a remix available to stream. "Out of the Black" is special; you can hear the adoration Robyn has for Neneh. The chill, 80s-leaning song will hopefully be as great in its full version, but this radio edit will suffice for now. Plus, how amazing is it to hear Robyn's voice on something new? Very very amazing.

*edit* The remix previously posted was removed, but you can hear the final version of the track below. It's a little less 80s sounding, and I prefer the remix. But again, still nice to hear Robyn's voice again.

Watch for more Robyn reports as 2014 becomes completely and utterly owned by Robyn.