Download LIZ's free Just Like You EP

After previewing individual songs in various places, LIZ, a child of Y2K's golden era of pop, released her full debut EP Just Like You today, available to stream and download for free. 

The 7 track set highlights why LIZ offers the perfect blend of nostalgic, R&B-flavored pop with fresh dance and hip-hop elements. While she is a student of treasured acts from the 2000s like Ashanti, Kandi, and NSYNC, she's also has one Adidas shoe firmly planted in the now. For example, opening track "Y2K" bops and blips as LIZ glides over a smooth melody that wouldn't sound out of place at "a hot New York City sushi restaurant in 2001," as my friend Tom said.

With "Say U Would," LIZ even does that talk-sing thing similar to what you'd hear on a Destiny's Child song, which juxtaposed against the sweet chorus injects the track with attitude and sensuality. Previously released gems "Stop Me Cold" and "All Them Boys," two of her strongest songs, also (thankfully) landed spots on the EP.

Most importantly, a well-rounded, brilliant EP like Just Like You sets the stage for LIZ to do big things in 2014 and beyond. It's going to be easy for blogs and publications to say she relies too heavily on old sounds, but don't buy into that lazy criticism. LIZ is an artist who has the voice and words to create the trends, not follow them.