FIRST PRESS: Mr. Little Jeans and her very "Good Mistake"


I first discovered Mr Little Jeans while navigating the wild sea of music blogs. Her song "Oh Sailor" begged my attention because it relates to the metaphor I just used, and because it featured a children's choir. I'm kind of a sucker when a contemporary pop song uses kids' voices. "Oh Sailor" is sentimental with its chime bells and innocence with a chorus that could be saccharine, but instead is more earnest and satisfying. 

Cut to "Good Mistaken," the recently released title track from Mr. Little Jeans' newest EP. Gone is the sweetness of "Oh Sailor," and in its place a wall of tribal drums and punky chorus. The harder sound of this song shot it straight to number one on Hype Machine

Finishing out the four track EP are "Runaway," perhaps the Norwegian artist's best song to-date, and a chilled out cover of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." All of these songs precede her debut album Pocketknife, out March 25th via Sony. 

Sample Mr. Little Jeans below: