Kylie Minogue dances away her troubles in new "Into The Blue" video

So not a whole lot happens in the video for "Into The Blue," the lead single from Kylie Minogue's upcoming Kiss Me Once album, out March 18th. Shot in a 4:3 ratio to highlight the point and shoot feel of the clip, we see Kylie interacting with her McDreamy-looking boy in various states of dress and undress. When she dances to the song in an upscale club wearing a vintage gold number, it's not hard to see reflections of that popstar we love wearing her short gold shorts in the "Spinning Around" video. It's not the most thrilling clip, but it's mature in sexy in a way that suits Kylie quite nicely.

Watch the video now, and join me in never dating anyone who owns a shirt you'll fit in ever again.