Kylie teases Kiss Me Once with mini album sampler.

In one month, Kylie Minogue will release her 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once. Now that I've perfected my falsetto with shower performances of "Into The Blue," I'm ready for what's next. Kylie gave us a taste of the entire album (minus the two bonus tracks) in the form of a 9 minute YouTube video. She even provides the name of each song so you can follow along. 

Based on this video alone, everything has a sophisticated vibe yet still sounds fresh without any trend chasing. So yes, you can breathe easy, this isn't her Hard Candy, or her Britney Jean. Really, this is to Aphrodite what Body Language was to Fever

Listen below. It's fun watching the somewhat terrifying pictures of Kylie behind the condensation, too. 

(pro-tip: if you have iTunes, you can listen to 90 second clips of every song! 16 minutes of new Kylie, and includes the two bonus tracks)