Happy Valentine's Day, #LoveJo - singer offers free Vday EP


Jojo is the stuff of pop legend these days. After a much-publicized battle with her former record label, she escaped their clutches earlier this year and signed with Atlantic. Her third album is expected soon.

While we wait, the 23 year-old offers a Valentine's Day gift to us in the form of a 4 track EP. The first is a poem/intro, followed by three classic love song covers originally by Anita Baker, Phil Collins, and a traditional gospel song. 

The songs on #LoveJo are gorgeously orchestrated combined with modern R&B elements courtesy of producers Da Internz, Steve Mackey, and Jojo herself producing vocals. Dreamy interludes link each song together, resulting in a lush listening experience and underscoring just how much Jojo has grown as an artist and vocalist. 

You can stream the 16 minute EP via her Soundcloud below, and download each track for free as well.