Top 5 songs Jessica Lange should cover on American Horror Story: Freak Show

Ryan Murphy recently responded to a concerned American Horror Story fan about the upcoming installment titled Freak Show being too much for her. Murphy attempted to bait the fan with a surprising tidbit about star main Jessica Lange covering a Lana Del Rey tune for the new series.

So what are the best options for a Lana cover by Lange?


The title track from Del Rey's most recent album would be entirely appropriate given the violent nature of the teasers for Murphy's Freak Show.

Born To Die

Again, this darker-leaning tune would lend itself well to a show that will undoubtedly feature countless gruesome deaths.


One of the lesser-known tracks from Lana's Born To Die album, "Carmen" would be an easy song for Lange to sing about a broken woman. Perhaps it will be self-referential?

Cruel World

The epic opener to Ultraviolence would sound glorious sung out to an audience of freaks underneath the big top. 

Million Dollar Man

In past seasons of American Horror Story, Jessica Lange's characters find themselves involved with a number of seedy men. Perhaps Lange will sing this torch song to a love interest?

Whichever tune she covered, you can bet that your social media feed will be filled with links and a variety of clever hashtags.