Gwen Stefani returns with "Baby Don't Lie" from 3rd solo album

She reigned supreme in mid 2000s, beginning with "What You Waiting For" from her debut solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Now, ten years later and a handful of solo hits, one of the greatest frontwomen to ever live is ready for round 3 of her solo career.

The first single from the No Doubt singer's as-of-now untitled third album is called "Baby Don't Lie." The Ryan Tedder-produced track features Gwen's usual vocal stylings, as she weaves in and out of words with coos and squeals. There's also a rich, lush quality to it that makes Gwen's one of the most distinctive voices in music. "Baby Don't Lie" celebrates that with hooks made of oohs and aaahs, and commands your attention. 

Listen below: