Why the Kiss Me Once album cover is brilliant

Last night, Kylie Minogue revealed the title and cover art for her 12th studio album, Kiss Me Once.


Immediately, gay men everywhere had opinions. From excited adoration to ghastly gasps, clearly the Goddess of Pop inspired strong reactions with her unveiling. 

And that's exactly what this cover is meant to do. 

At first glance, it's a giant close-up of Kylie's face; your eyes are immediately drawn to her fire engine red lips. Upon further inspection, there's a story in her expression. With closed eyes, Kylie is waiting for something (or someone) to kiss her, as the title demands. The reason for this kiss is up for interpretation; is it because she's depending on it to be saved? To feel as though the one she loves actually loves her? There's desperation on those lips. 

Or, is this Kylie inviting someone to kiss her, just once, so she can be on her way? Not longing for a kiss, but demanding one. 

The fact that she's behind glass, dripping with condensation, suggests a barrier between Kylie and the invitee. Though she's instructing someone to kiss her, she's separating herself from it, too. Immediately, I though of Tori Amos' From The Choirgirl Hotel album cover. As with Tori's artwork, there is a darkness mixed with sexuality.

"Kiss Me Once" is rumored to be a song on the album co-written with Sia. If that's the case, I anticipate the lyrics having less cliches about kissing and more about power dynamics in a relationship. 

...Or, I could be reading into this too much and it's just supposed to be an album cover that highlights Kylie Minogue's luscious lips. *shrug*