Res covers a Fleetwood Mac classic with style and soul


Perhaps you remember Res (pronounced "Reese"), a gritty R&B singer who had a moderate radio hit in the form of "They-Say Vision," an inspired, forward thinking song that quite frankly radio wasn't ready for. The song came from her debut album How I Do, which I still consider one of the best albums from that time period and a personal favorite. 

Since then, she's released a follow-up record called Black.Girls.Rock and collaborated with hip-hop heavyweights like Talib Kweli. Her newest venture is the perfect marriage of her smooth vocals and the rockier side of her music; a Fleetwood Mac covers EP called Refried Mac

The first offering from the EP is the classic rager "The Chain," which is actually the only song the entire band collaborated on for their monumental album Rumors. Watch Res' fresh and fierce take on the song in the video below, and buy the EP if you like what you hear.