LISTEN: Kylie Minogue takes us "Into The Blue"


My friend emailed and texted me frantically while I was sleeping to tell me Kylie's single leaked. I jolted awake, grabbed my headphones from my nightstand and had my first listen in bed about 10 minutes ago. 

What a euphoric masterpiece this is. We know nobody does pop like Kylie, and this song proves why. I'm surprised the earlier reviews didn't mention the strings! When I heard them, my body was immediately covered in chills.

Then of course the chorus kicks in and I may have teared up. 

This is why people will wait patiently for Kylie Minogue singles. This is why she is a force of nature everywhere she goes. Her music has the ability to instantly transport you to the ideal setting for listening to her songs. I pictured dancing to this at a club, kind of sweating but my hair is fine, and being able to leave the bar on a high note (followed by late night pizza). 

Listen below, and support our girl by buying the single when it actually premieres next week.