WATCH: Bonnie McKee performs two new, unreleased songs

Bonnie McKee, the genius behind most of the biggest pop songs of the last few years, is taking another stab pop super stardom. She released her debut album Trouble in September 2004, but the project failed to make an impact. 

Last year, she released the sugarcoated summer anthem "American Girl,"  as well as the obvious Halloween 2013 anthem "Sleepwalker." While it's easy to dismiss her as sounding too much like Katy Perry or Ke$ha, you have to realize that they sound like her. Bonnie uses big melodies and nonstop hooks in every song with which she's involved. Most importantly, she can sing circles around every artist she's worked with.

Watch "Everything But You" and "Hot City," two performances from last year's YouTube Awards pre-show, below. These new songs are in the running for her 2014 album, hopefully released sooner than later.