Record shopping

Sifting through a record store's stash is an adventure every time. With each leap to a new alphabetized section, or to your tried-and-true favorite artist's scribbled name on a white divider, there's a moment of exhilaration when your fingers begin surfing over dirty plastic sleeves, emitting a familiar musty smell as your eyes quickly scan the artwork of each item you pass. 

My mom tells me my music obsession began when I was 5. I remember asking her to borrow her cassette tapes; from Fleetwood Mac, specifically the Stevie Nicks songs, to Tanya Tucker to Pam Tillis. These acts and many more were my bedtime soundtrack, car tunes, and featured the first songs I still have memorized to this day. 

The first cassettes I purchased on my own included Mariah Carey and Boyz II Menz' "One Sweet Day," single and Alanis Morissette's "Ironic." The latter especially is the song I think of as my first music-related obsession. The video with the four different versions of Alanis in the car was addictive, and I still get giddy when I watch it today. After I convinced my grandma to buy me Jagged Little Pill on cassette, I spent hours in my room memorizing the lyrics, all by the end of 2nd grade. 

Cut to now: a digital library of over fifty thousand songs, a 2 year-old record collection that sits at 250+ records and counting, and now this blog, my musical baby. 

I realized after countless sharing of others' links and discussing them with friends, it was time to create my own space to ramble about my favorite artists, songs, and albums. My primary goal for this site is to get the constant rotation of music-related thoughts out of my head and onto the web. Secondly, I want to introduce people to music they wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Finally, I want to see this grow into something bigger. What bigger means, I'm not sure, but I think I'll know when it happens. 

So whoever you are, thanks for reading and engaging with my music nerdisms. I appreciate it, muchly. 


 ^that's me.

^that's me.

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